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RelyFy Caregiver mobile app solves the number 1 issue faced by all professional caregivers – lack of career stability

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Get recognized for helping your clients and build a dignified career.

Rely and Dignify

Be visible for cases

Know immediately when your agency has a new shift available. Get all details before you decide to accept.

Manage cases smartly

Know where your shift is and get driving directions automatically in your phone. When you arrive for your shift, everything you need to know about the client is in your app.

Build professional reputation

After each shift, let the client and family members express their satisfaction with the help you provided. Get recognized for what you do each day and get better cases.
Enjoy a successful career as a caregiver
Look professional to your employers
. Create your job profile in mobile app in less than 5 minutes
. Get visible to homecare agencies in your area
. Upload your certifications in mobile app, no need to make copies for each agency
Centralize all communication at one place
. Exchange messages with homecare companies, send attachments
. Keep all communication with each home care agency at a central location
. Recieve open shifts from all agencies and let them know if you're interested
Stress less about managing paper records
. View care plan for each client without worrying about 3 ring binders
. Record everday care logs with reasons for sevices not performed with and electronic signatures by clients
. No need to send faxes of care log or drop paper copies at agency office
Get paid fast
. View hours worked for each client and each home care agency
. Your work hours are shared with your employers, automatically
Leverage every opportunity to build your skills
. View selected training videos and quizes in the mobile app
. Take tests in the mobile app and your profile will be updated with completed trainings.
. Automatic reminders for certifications due for renewal
Save time in scheduling and managing shifts
. One calendar for all home care agencies and Built in reminders for a shift next day
. Clock in and Clock out through app with shift instructions
. Mark your unavailaibilty in calendar if you are not available any day and all employers will see that too.
Build your repuation based on on the job performance
. Receive ratings from clients and family members who appreciate your help.
. Earn Care Points™, for using mobile app.
. Care Points are based on performance measures like on time arrival records, client ratings etc.